Hello, SaaSi World!

Yes, we are a little obsessed with SaaS if you haven’t figured that out. We use dozens of different software apps all day, every day. No matter if it’s how we are optimizing code, managing our customers, monitoring downtime, tracking expenses, collecting money or targeting leads, there’s always a great solution that helps us do it better, faster, and cheaper. 

We scale ourselves, our products, and our businesses by using SaaS for all the problems that are not core to our tech and business. We love finding new tools that will make our lives easier by saving time or money, and integrate them well with our product, so we can focus on what we do best. 

But over the years we’ve noticed things change. The awesomeness that is SaaS has at times become annoying. Our teams grew, and we noticed we’re spending more and more time on managing all the apps we were using. We were also wasting valuable money on lack of optimization of the apps we were using, and paying for things that weren’t contributing to our growth.

Finance was chasing down five different billing owners, weekly team meetings became debates about which project management tool we should use and why the hell are we paying for three services that do the exact same thing?! I can’t even count the number of times it took months to find out we were still paying for unused seats of employees that left, or found duplicate apps and orphaned licenses no one is using.

SaaS empowered rapid growth, departmental innovation and independence, but it created challenges that required a unique solution. 

We needed something simple and affordable, for small teams that are growing. No complex setup and integrations. We needed something that can save time for department team leads. Something that can optimize spend and cut costs as the team grows.

How could we help these teams build and scale their business effectively by leveraging software apps efficiently? What do we do best? 

We build scalable software products… using other software products. And some magic sauce of our own. 

Why not build a product that will help build more products, by using more products that other teams build, so that other teams can focus on building their products. Makes sense right? Hell yeah!

How do we do that you ask? Well it’s all about SaaSi the fox. We realized that what we really needed is another team member that will do the dirty work for us – track and analyze how much we’re spending and on what, perform mundane tasks like invoice aggregation, research which other apps we should be using, and all that other fun SaaS administration stuff nobody on your team wants to do.

It took some time and expertise but we managed to find someone young and hungry that was showing a lot of potential. This little fox had a unique talent. When hungry, it would hunt all our software invoices within seconds. So we named him SaaSi. SaaSi is a really smart fox so it was pretty easy to teach him some new tricks like reading the invoices super fast and sending us a short update on anything unusual. It was really cool when one day he actually let us know a sales team member started paying for an app that was exactly the same as a different app the marketing team was using. 

It was time. SaaSi deserved a bigger audience and we felt every team needed a SaaSi. So here we are, releasing SaaSi to the world and letting him roam the software wilderness, knowing he will hunt down every app out there. SaaSi is still a puppy though, so we’re training him more and rely on your help to make him the best software hunting fox out there.

Welcome to SaaSi beta. We hope you enjoy our little fox, and remember – to build a great product and business you have to be a little cheeky, you have to be bold, you have to be SaaSi.

SaaSi’s trainers – Dima, Aviram, Tomer & Shahar

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